5 Reasons That Edmond Tarverdyan Is The Worst Coach in the UFC

Fabricio Werdum

5) Werdoomed Himself To A Fabricio Front Kick:

Last but not least, we have the very high-profile and equally bizarre ending to an already bizarre fight at UFC 203.

According to Werdum, Tarverdyan entered the cage at the end of the third and final round saying some “bad things” to the former champ. Werdum responded with a look of shock which was followed by a shove-fest-inspiring front kick to the belly of Tarverdyan – approximately two-feet south of the area many feel it would’ve been most effectively placed.

At first the event seemed to escalate but was quelled before resulting in suspensions and, perhaps, probationary issues for Tarverdyan. With Rousey still promising a triumphant return to the Octagon and Browne at least having the ability to be competitive against second-tier fighters in the heavyweight division, we are certainly far from the end of Tarverdyan’s antics.

However, Browne is one loss away from having to seriously reconsider where he’s heading with his career, and Rousey is near a year removed from her knockout loss to Holly Holm. With each of his flagship fighters in desperate need of a win, the near future could spell the end of Tarverdyan’s run in the public eye if he’s unable to produce results.


Author: Gary Underwood

32 year old father and husband. Born and bred South Carolinian. Hunting, Fishing, MMA and College Football enthusiast!

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