Fight night:

How do you score round 1? Same amount of shots! Round 2 Lauzon counter strikes, aggression…WAR Round 3 Lauzon hurt in first minute temporarily backs away then bites down and comes forward. Gets going, backs up miller gets take down gnp Miller rolls Lauzon mounts and takes arm when bell rings. Decision Miller guessing rounds 1&3. I had Lauzon winning 2 and thought he did enough in round 3 after getting hurt to get the nod. Great fight

Pvz vs rowdy

R1- Thought becs shirt wasn’t legal. Next year maybe. Crazy pace. Paige busier inside. Beck walking her down. Paige good lateral movement. 3:10 mark = bec lands 4 punch body body head head. Paige fainting well landing drive bys. Bec not setting up before closing in Paige standing ground and countering with hands.
R2 PVZ CRAZY EFFIN TAEKWONDO 2 leg switch kick stupid shit!!

Charles straight Across pressed to cage works a double. Pettis pummels under hooks, defends. Charles lands front kick rushes and gets body lock, drags down has back on bottom middle of cage. Pettis turns in and lands in guard. Pettis with kicks to the body, stacks Charles and punches. Charles rolls and defends. Pettis in side control working for position. Charles scrambles gets double from knees and has momentary back. Pettis scrambles , turns and gets on top. Charles Rolling moving hips looking for position. Pettis on top at end.
Pettis moving forward lands to body. Pettis with round kick. Peppering with hands and avoiding. Both guys working hands near cage. Pettis back to cage. Charles with dick punch. Charles jumps back and drags Pettis down. Has body triangle. With ~2 left. Pettis out 1 left. Oliviera with the pressure. Pettis spinning back kick lands to body. Charles scores take down at end. 1-1 After 2.
Charles with immediate take down into side control. Pettis rolls for an arm bar. Charles retains side control, Takes back , Pettis rolls and spins to guard. Now in north south. Scramble to the feet and Pettis grabs guillotine
Condit goes down with Maia single, Maia in half guard. Maia has back. Mia rnc


Author: Gary Underwood

32 year old father and husband. Born and bred South Carolinian. Hunting, Fishing, MMA and College Football enthusiast!

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