Toe Crusher to the Bigshow

Marcin Held, aside from looking like a perfect cross between Jake Shields and CB Dollaway, is a stud 155’er whom Bellator claimed to have recently let go. Held’s Facebook contradicted this report when he posted that he had simply not resigned. Regardless, what we know now is that he has inked a deal with the UFC!

Held is 24-4 winning 7 of his last 8 with the only loss coming via unanimous decision to Bellator title holder Will Brooks.

The UFC Lightweight Division is another ridiculously deep pool of talent that will only thicken if Connor McGregor lands there, which seems likely. So, what’s so special about a Polish guy you’ve probably never heard of getting signed? DUDE RIPS PEOPLE TOES OFF. Ok, maybe not literally but he has finished two of his last ten fights (including one over UFC vet Rich “No Love” Clementi)  by toe hold.

Leg locks in general always make for exciting finishes as fighters are terrified when they get caught in them and it always leaves the fighter attempting in an awful spot if they can’t finish. Toe holds though? It may not be an Anthony Johnson ‘Ryu’ style upper cut that puts a tooth into orbit or a Wonderboy spinning, crazy, outta no where wheel kick but it’s still pretty, pretty, pretty awesome to watch.

As for me I’ll be waiting anxiously to here more about his debut.


Author: Gary Underwood

32 year old father and husband. Born and bred South Carolinian. Hunting, Fishing, MMA and College Football enthusiast!

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